Data Campaign Creation


Data Campaign can be started by clicking on +Add Data Campaign button or from the Data Campaigns tab and clicking on the Create New Campaign button.




  1. Start by naming your new campaign.
  2. Choose if from I've got a list of companies or contact or I need help finding companies Campaign_type.png
  3. Selecting I need help find companies will ask to assign company sizecompany_size.png
  4. Select a company revenue you're targetingcompany_revenue.png
  5. Select the Company Type you're targetingCompany_type_-_industry.png
  6. Select a Company Location you're targetingLocation.png
  7. Select if you want to add contacts to the campaign.add_contact.png
    • Adding a contact to the campaign will ask you to select the contact criteria.contract_criteria.png
    • Assign a maximum number of contacts you want for each company.number_of_contact.png
  8. Select your design Data Point datapoint.png
  9. Review the campaign and click on Confirm Campaign button once you are happy with the Data Campaign criteria. review.png