How does our browser automation technology work?

Christine Espiritu
Christine Espiritu
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Learn how the LeadGenius extension quickly and easily automates day-to-day tasks using technology and the open web as your real-time database.


How It Works

The Extension automation runs your specified Streams in real time. Because it is local to your browser and not an API, it works on any site including ones that have credentials. 


Real-Time Automation

While the earlier version of the extension (previously Flow) was in use you may have been able to watch as the stream ran your workflow in real time and delivers fast results. The extension now runs all of it without opening a separate webpage and is much faster than before.



The browser automation technology runs the Streams from the source page, gathers the information needed, and returns it to you. This technology is real-time, providing the most up-to-date data on the marketplace, rather than returning data from a static database. (20).gif