Getting Started: Understanding Your Dashboard

Logging in to your LeadGenius Dashboard, you will be routed to the below screen by default.



1. The Dashboard Tabs.
Dashboard - Clicking Dashboard or the LeadGenius logo will bring you to the main screen
Data Campaigns - will take you to the campaign list
Analytics - will take you to the Analytics page.
2. The + Add Data Campaign button click this to launch the campaign builder
3. Your Avatar shows you the name of the user logged in and the current team selection.
Clicking this will give you the option to choose a different team, go to Settings or Sign Out.
4. Use this dropdown to choose a different team or all teams for a quick overview of usage without having to use the team switcher.
5. The Campaign Credit Usage and Contacts Delivered tables.
6. The Active Campaign Limit for the team.
Shows the number of launched campaigns the team has over the total campaigns allowed in the team.
7. List of campaigns in the team.
You can click on "See all campaigns" to go to the Data Campaigns view.
You can also click on the dropdown to choose between 5 per page, 10 per page, 15 per page, and 20 per page to change the number of campaigns to be displayed in this table.