Salesforce Integration Export Errors

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Browse our list of Salesforce export errors for more information. If you can't find the error you're looking for, contact your CSM for support.

Error Resolution
Invalid Data Type In Salesforce, change the data type of the field
or create a custom field with the right data type and update field mappings under LeadGenius settings.
Cannot deserialize instance of int from VALUE_STRING value <<value>> or request may be missing a required field Change the type of field containing value <<value>> in Salesforce from int to string or create a custom field that accepts string values and update mappings under LeadGenius settings. 
Object Not Found

You may have exported the record as a lead and are now exporting it as a contact or vice versa.

Fix: Update your LeadGenius settings to create a new lead, or new accounts & contacts.

Missing Required Field Contact your CSM and we'll ensure required fields are always populated.
Resource Contact Not Found. Response content: [{'errorCode': 'NOT_FOUND', 'message': 'The requested resource does not exist'}]

Contact was exported before and cannot be matched back to the ID we have. Most likely you have moved this record.

Fix: Contact your CSM or download the record on CSV to keep a copy.

Country must be 2 characters. State cannot be larger than 60 characters.

Country input is likely incorrect and should be the 2-letter country code.

Fix: Update data in a proper format.

Cannot deserialize instance of int from VALUE_STRING value 1,653 or request may be missing a required field at [line:1, column:113]

Anything with "VALUE_STRING" usually means there's a comma that needs to be removed.

Fix: Navigate to the mentioned field location and remove the comma or character.

The field cannot be exported because Salesforce has determined it is a duplicate

The record was caught by Salesforce de-duplication rules.

Fix: Contact your CSM for an in-depth review of the duplication error.

Unable to create/update fields: Marketing_Platform__c. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that it is read/write for your profile or permission set. 

You do not have permission to Read/Write this field. Make sure "Modify All" is selected for the specific object in your Salesforce.

Field type is not something we can export data to. For example, formula field or lookup field.

Fix: Contact your CSM to make sure your permissions are correct and that the field is visible.

The field in Salesforce cannot be written to because another user or process in Salesforce is attempting to write to the same field.

Another person or API is editing the data.

Fix: Try exporting again.


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