Salesforce Integration Checklist

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Setup duration: 60 mins - 2 days

Setup Questions

Which Salesforce account are you going to connect?

  • The integration user requires 'Modify All' permissions enabled for the Lead, Contact, Accounts, and Opportunity objects in Salesforce, in addition to having API access enabled.
  • This user is typically your organization's Salesforce Administrator with the standard profile type 'System Administrator'. 
  • We also support custom profile types with the permissions outlined above.

Will you be inserting new records as Accounts/Contacts or Leads?

Do you have a general outline of your mapping instructions?

  • (For example: Company Name → Account Name, State → Shipping State, etc.) 
  • Lookup fields (i.e. Owner) or read-only fields (i.e. Formulas) cannot be mapped via the LeadGenius SFDC integration.

Are there any Salesforce fields that you need to create to complete the mapping process?

  • Custom data points can be added during the LeadGenius campaign creation process. Using the SFDC integration, you can create these custom data points directly from your SFDC fields.

Do you have specific SFDC reports that you are planning to sync via LeadGenius Campaigns?

  • You can create a LeadGenius campaign directly from a SFDC report (i.e. Account report used for ABM contact discovery).
  • We currently only support standard report types from the Lead, Contact, or Account objects.
  • Filters applied to the report will govern which records are displayed to our team when connected.


  1. Have a Salesforce integration call with your CSM 

  2. Connect your user account (you can do this before the call)

  3. Create a test campaign with all data points you might use

  4. Review your global Salesforce mapping

    1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations 

    2. Click on Configure 

  5. Export data

  6. Diagnose export failures (if any)

Your campaigns are ready for export!

View our FAQ for any questions on setup, exports, field mapping, and more. 

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