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  • Updated


  • Fixed an issue where the integration history showed the incorrect amount of records imported from Outreach
  • Fixed an issue where imports from Salesforce would fail due to an error in the API request
  • Fixed an issue where campaign details would not save the field order
  • Various other beneath the hood optimizations



  • Fixed an issue that prevented the use of Outreach tags for exclusions lists if the tag contained more than 18 characters
  • Fixed an issue where not all data was visible within a campaign



  • Added the ability for users to be able to download records from the "In progress" tab in the campaign details page
  • Fixed an issue affecting internal users when accessing data



  • Fixed an issue where Datahub would not load all campaigns



  • Fixed an issue with Imports and Exports from CRM wouldn't complete



  • Disabled Rapid Enrichment wizards while we work on improvements
  • Various other beneath the hood optimizations



  • Added the ability to use exclusions list on Hubspot and Outreach
  • Users with a Salesforce integration can now choose to use reports or the entire Salesforce account as exclusions
  • Added the "Removed" tab for campaigns started from a Hubspot list to show records that are no longer part of the list
  • Fixed a bug when the export error messages for Outreach users would reference the wrong field
  • Multiple beneath the hood improvements



  • Fixed an issue where imports from Hubspot would fail
  • Fixed an issue with the Invalidated tab showing no records



  • Updated the Rapid Enrich for Contact wizard to no longer require a region
  • Updated the language for Hubspot alerts and integration
  • API history in campaigns now show the number of records added and records rejected. The records can also be filtered by date
  • Fixed a bug where exclusion list uploads would fail if the user switched teams before upload
  • Fixed a bug where custom data points could be duplicated
  • Fixed a bug where the field names were not visible on the mapping screen within the campaign wizard



  • Updated the logos and language used in the record export emails
  • Fixed an issue with exports to CRM taking longer than usual
  • Fixed a bug where exporting to Hubspot created duplicate companies



  • Added the auto export option when using a Hubspot integration
  • Added support for loading all Hubspot contact lists for selection during campaign creation



  • Fixed the search in the datapoints selection screen in the wizard
  • Numerous other beneath the hood fixes and improvements



  • Added support for additional Hubspot field types



  • Updated the wizard for Rapid Enrich. We now display the amount of credits required and the available credits when creating the campaign
  • Updated global mappings to display if a field is an Account or Prospect field
  • Any user can now launch a campaign within Datahub
  • Updated the Zapier connector
  • Fixed a bug where starting a Rapid Enrich campaign using the Rep Nom option did not work
  • Fixed some UI bugs in Datahub
  • Fixed a bug where campaigns could not be copied if the launched campaign limit was reached
  • Various other beneath the hood fixes and optimizations



  • Campaigns can now be created using an Opportunity based report in Salesforce
  • Updated the date filter within the campaign details page for ease of use
  • When opting to source new contacts using Rapid Enrich for Companies, users can now specify countries to source the contacts from
  • Improved Datahub loading times for large volumes of data
  • Increased the character limit for fields imported from Salesforce
  • Hubspot is an integration option and campaigns can now be created using contact lists
  • Added functionality to query finalized records via API and filter by date
  • Fixed the Invalidated reason filter in the campaign details page
  • Fixed a bug with Outreach mappings when creating or editing campaigns
  • Fixed how we query reports from Salesforce during campaign creation
  • Numerous UI improvements
  • Various other beneath the hood improvements and fixes



  • Fixed an issue where Rapid Enrich for new contacts resulted in wrong titles being returned
  • Other UI improvements



  • Improvement to the API history tab to show the number of records added per api call



  • Updated API logic for duplicate checking when creating records in datahub
  • Enabled the mapping of the source field in global mappings for Salesforce integrations
  • Enabled the mapping for the 'invalidated reason' in global mappings
  • Added the functionality to stop and archive api enabled campaigns
  • Rapid Enrich is now available for all Datahub users
  • Updated Rapid Enrich for Companies to now allow sourcing contacts for those companies
  • Updated the UI to easily filter and display campaign types
  • Updated the email notifications sent to datahub users and internal users for each change of campaigns status
  • Added the ability to duplicate the contact priority card in the campaign wizard
  • Added the unlimited contacts checkbox in the contacts page of the campaign wizard
  • Fixed an issue where the values were doubled in the Analytics tab
  • Fixed an issue where smart mapping would not work in global mappings
  • Fixed an issue with the team selection dropdown
  • Other UI fixes and improvements
  • Beneath the hood bug fixes



  • Under the hood bug fixes



  • Updated the API functionality
  • Other beneath the hood improvement and fixes



  • Added the ability to map 'Last Updated' system timestamp under global mappings
  • Improved the smart mapping logic when creating new campaigns
  • Added a login timeout prompt if there was no usage over a period of 24 hours
  • Fixed an issue with the credits used showing negative values
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the link in emails would not load the correct team or campaign
  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Under the hood improvements and fixed



  • Updated campaigns to automatically change status to Needs Approval when a campaign has at least 10 records reviewed
  • Datahub users now get a summary email once a day if there is rep nomination activity
  • Updated the datapoint selection wizard UI to be more intuitive
  • Fixed an issue where a small amount of Rapid Enrich records were stuck in progress after completion
  • Updated the CRM Owner email with some minor UI improvements
  • Standardized the column ordering in the campaign details page
  • Fixed an issue where the latest reviewed data would not display at the top of the list
  • Updated the match field modal
  • Fixed an issue where the mini credit graph displayed incorrectly on lower screen sizes
  • Fixed a bug where campaigns could not be created or copied if 'Auto Export' was active
  • Fixed a bug where 'Auto Export' would not work on Outreach
  • Fixed a bug in the Analytics tab where filtering by date returned incorrect values
  • Fixed an issue where the unexported records reminder was not being sent
  • Other UI and beneath the hood improvement and fixes



  • Fixed a bug with chat notifications turning on automatically for new campaigns though it was turned off globally earlier



  • Added a mini credit usage graph to the campaign homepage
  • Updated the campaign wizard to allow users to start with a report containing 'bucket fields' and support for additional report types 'Campaigns with Leads' and 'Campaigns with Contacts'
  • Updated the mapping screen in the wizard to include the field category in parenthesis for easier demarcation of Account and Contact fields
  • Other beneath the hood improvements



  • Fixed an issue where a user could not login normally if SSO was enabled



  • Updated  CRM Owner Notifications toggle in the Campaign summary which will notify record owners when those records have been updated via Datahub in CRM
  • Campaign details page now updates in real-time as changes are made to records
  • Fixed a bug where turning off Chat notifications in settings would not turn off chat notifications in campaigns
  • Fixed a visual bug in the mapping wizard
  • Fixed a bug where account level fields were not displayed under the lead object in global mappings
  • Fixed a bug where the error bar persisted even after the error was resolved
  • Fixed the Rapid Enrich campaign wizard where the campaign naming modal was missing
  • Fixed a bug with updating the campaign name when editing a campaign
  • Minor UI fixes and updates
  • Other beneath the hood fixes and improvements



  • DataHub now supports Single Sign On. Please contact support in order to enable it for a customer
  • A daily email is now available for account owners (based on their CRM ownership). This email details Accounts and Contacts that have been updated by LeadGenius in their CRM. In order for this email to be sent it needs to be enabled at the campaign level. These emails are only available for Enrichment campaigns that are connected to a CRM (Outreach or Salesforce)
  • Campaign creators can now opt into the Rep Insight emails
  • Rapid Enrichment no longer prompts the user to map unused fields, making for a smoother experience
  • Rapid Enrichment samples now include 50 records
  • DataHub users are prevented from launching campaigns that will exceed their campaign limit. Users can still create campaigns and review samples
  • Data export emails across all teams are now condensed into a single email
  • Fixed the un-exported email notification
  • The campaign link in Databridge now points to the correct DataHub campaign
  • DataHub auto-refreshes campaign details and the campaign list page to show updated records and statuses



  • We made a number of improvements to our APIs
  • We made an improvement to out datahub audit trail
  • Employee Count has been added to the company version of Rapid Enrich
  • When a CRM integration is incomplete the UI message has been updated
  • Improvements to the campaign details UX
  • Improved the UX of adding a data point within the campaign creation wizard. The user will no longer be routed to a new tab to make a CRM based mapping
  • We can now support upload of larger exclusion list files
  • We added campaign source to the campaign details summary
  • There was an issue with Outreach tags preventing new campaigns being submitted, this is now resolved
  • We removed the import status bar for Outreach clients as it was ineffective
  • Weekly Credit information email was updated to reflect accurate information
  • The analytics page was not loading for a select number of clients, this is now resolved



  • Some major improvements to campaigns, they can now handle 2 million records
  • Improved performance to handle the record volume
  • Some obsolete code has been removed
  • Non-admins can be on multiple teams and can switch between them
  • Admins are now able to see all team members as well as add or remove members and invite new members to those teams
  • Updated the description for Rapid Enrich to better explain which fields are enriched
  • Improved error generation for stalled CRM imports
  • Bug with the overwrite rules in CRM mappings was fixed
  • A bug with email validity was resolved
  • Internal users should once again receive chat notification emails
  • The campaign details progress bar no longer blinks on/off
  • The data point search function has been improved
  • A user is now required to enter a max number of contacts required in campaign wizard
  • The bug preventing Lead Source from being updated is resolved
  • We are once again pre-populating the campaign name based on the campaign source



  • Deprecated the majority of Overdrive - it's only function now is exclusion list checking (which can be done as before by account or contact)
  • Auto Export can now be enabled on Net New campaigns in Datahub
  • We now show who created the campaign in the campaign summary in Datahub
  • Databridge campaign downloads will now include appended records
  • Editing the description of a custom data point no longer requires the field name to be changed



  • Removed the limit on record uploads for API campaigns
  • A new administration page for team admins so they have global control over notification preferences for each team they control
  • The 2FA page remembers the user choices and does not ask the user to re-check the box
  • For API campaigns the webhook URL can now be saved on the view summary modal
  • Updated the pages the admin is taken to when switching teams



  • There is now a limit to the number of active campaigns a team can have, this limit is based on the contract agreement
  • There is new Global option under Region when creating a campaign
  • Fixed a bug where we were creating blank or duplicate rows in Reviewed tab in Campaign Details
  • Company admins can now view and chat in campaigns across teams
  • Credit usage is now more accurate and will round up or down
  • Several fixes and updates to Rapid Enrichment



  • Fixed a bug causing pacing numbers to be inaccurate
  • Fixed a bug causing the dates on the analytics tab to be inaccurate
  • Fixed the chat history from being reset
  • Added an "is exactly" option to the datahub details filter
  • The error export csv will now include Org and Lead IDs
  • Updated the smart mapping in the campaign details pages



  • Impact reporting is now enabled by default for accounts connected to salesforce in DataHub
  • We default to the same mappings we use in salesforce when creating campaigns in DataHub, removing the need to to re-map fields during creation.
  • DataHub chat now has spell checking enabled
  • DataHub chat history is saved after editing a campaign
  • The date picker on the analytics tab has a new "current contract term" option that is selected by default
  • There is a new "Monthly Companies Delivered" metric available on the DataHub analytics tab that shows company records delivered across all campaigns

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