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  • There is now a limit to the number of active campaigns a team can have, this limit is based on the contract agreement
  • There is new Global option under Region when creating a campaign
  • Fixed a bug where we were creating blank or duplicate rows in Reviewed tab in Campaign Details
  • Company admins can now view and chat in campaigns across teams
  • Credit usage is now more accurate and will round up or down
  • Several fixes and updates to Rapid Enrichment



  • Fixed a bug causing pacing numbers to be inaccurate
  • Fixed a bug causing the dates on the analytics tab to be inaccurate
  • Fixed the chat history from being reset
  • Added an "is exactly" option to the datahub details filter
  • The error export csv will now include Org and Lead IDs
  • Updated the smart mapping in the campaign details pages



  • Impact reporting is now enabled by default for accounts connected to salesforce in DataHub
  • We default to the same mappings we use in salesforce when creating campaigns in DataHub, removing the need to to re-map fields during creation.
  • DataHub chat now has spell checking enabled
  • DataHub chat history is saved after editing a campaign
  • The date picker on the analytics tab has a new "current contract term" option that is selected by default
  • There is a new "Monthly Companies Delivered" metric available on the DataHub analytics tab that shows company records delivered across all campaigns

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