User Administration


Learn where and how to access different teams within your company. Easily invite a new team member to a  team without having to log in to a different account.


Scope and Limitation

  • A user can be assigned to multiple teams.
  • If a member needs to access multiple teams, Company Admin should add the team member to each team.
  • Admins can easily invite a new user to a team by selecting the right team and going to Settings > Users > Invite Member.
  • Admin can assign team member access, Team Admin Access, Campaign Access or Extension Access.


  • Please contact your Account Managers if:
    • You have multiple Dashboards for different teams as this would need to be configured.


How to Access a different Team

Log into Dashboard and click on your name in the upper-right. You will then see a drop-down, clicking it will show you all the teams in your Company.

Simply click on the Team you would like to access and it'll load all the Campaigns on that Team. (In this example, we clicked on Data Campaigns just to show that the campaign changes when switching teams.)





How to update a Member's Team or Access

  1. The Admin can go into Settings > Users. 
  2. Select the member to update.
  3. Click on the three dots beside the member name and select Change Access/Teamchange_access.png
  4. Update the member's access or team from the Edit Access windowedit_access.png
  5. Click Save