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Exclusion Lists and Data Sourcing Segments

For Data Sourcing (Net-New) segments, LeadGenius will not add any of the companies or contacts present on your exclusion list.

Exclusion Lists and Enrichment

When you submit your data to LeadGenius for enrichment, we will attempt to update all records provided by you, regardless of whether they appear on your CRM exclusion list.

If you have submitted a list of companies for enrichment via CSV, and you have an exclusion list for contacts, we will not add any contacts present on your exclusion list. We will add new contacts to your list of companies.

There are a few different ways to add an exclusions list to LeadGenius. There are also 3 different types of exclusions lists, which we will also cover here. 

Types of Exclusion Lists

CRM Exclusion

CRM exclusion is when you have connected your CRM (Salesforce) to LeadGenius. LeadGenius syncs your accounts, contacts, and leads every 12 hours. CRM exclusion automatically handles both company and contact exclusions.

Exclusion Lists and Salesforce

Once you have connected Salesforce to LeadGenius, we sync your Salesforce data every 12 hours. All of the account, contact, and lead data in your Salesforce becomes part of the exclusion list. You don't need to do anything else.

If you have additional lists that are not already in your Salesforce that you would like to exclude, you can follow the above instructions to upload a CSV. The options listed above to choose company exclusion or contact exclusion do not apply to Salesforce exclusion lists, as this is done by our system automatically.

Salesforce Accounts & Contacts

All Salesforce accounts are in company exclusion list by default, which means we will never find any contacts at these accounts until they are added to an enrichment campaign (at which point, we'll add all contacts with acceptable titles to the enrichment segment as well).

Salesforce Leads

We will never provide the same lead again, however we may add other leads from the same company. If you would like to exclude these companies, please follow the Company Exclusion option below.

Company Exclusion

Company exclusion is where you would provide a list of companies, via CSV and we will not add any of those companies, or any of their contacts, to your net-new segments. If you have added these companies to an enrichment campaign, we will enrich them and add new contacts.

Contact Exclusion

Contact exclusion is where you would provide a list of leads via CSV. For data sourcing campaigns, we may add companies from this type of list, but we will not add the contacts that you have specified. If you have added these companies to an enrichment segment, we will enrich them and add new contacts, but we will not add contacts that you've specified to exclude.

How do I add an exclusion list?

Adding an exclusion list via CSV

  • Click on your profile avatar at the top right of the Campaign Overview, and click Settings.
  • Then, click on the Exclusions tab.
  • Click on Upload Exclusion List. You will then be able to select a CSV to upload.
  • After choosing a CSV, you will then be able to choose whether to exclude the companies or exclude the contacts.
  • After choosing the type of exclusion list, you will go to a screen where you can map the fields in your CSV to LeadGenius fields.
    • For a company exclusion list, the company name and website must be included.
    • For a contact exclusion list, the company name, website, first name, last name, and email must be included.



  • Click on Finish to complete your upload, or if you want to choose a different CSV, click on Pick another CSV and start over.



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