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Christine Espiritu
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The Zapier integration allows a user to connect LeadGenius to any system that is supported by Zapier.


This lets users push data from LeadGenius to a third-party system and pull data from a third-party system into a LeadGenius campaign. 

Any field is an active campaign can be updated or sent using the Zapier Leadgenius App.


Getting Started

The LeadGenius app is currently private but can be used via this link. Accept the invite and then follow these steps in the Dashboard:


First, enable API access for the Campaign you want to send and receive data from:

    1. Go to the Campaign details page
    2. Click on View Criteria
    3. Click on Settings
    4. Enable the API access toggle
    5. Copy the Token that is displayed in the code sample below.
    6. Also, Copy the ‘slug’ from the example code, this is specific to the campaign you are looking at.

Sending data to a third party system 
from LeadGenius (LeadGenius → Zapier)

    1. Create a new Zap
    2. Zapier prompts you to enter the API key (enter the key you copied earlier)
    3. Zapier then asks you for the ‘slug’ this is the campaign-specific ID you also copied earlier
    4. The last step is to test the integration, in order to do this you will need to have a finalized record in the campaign.


Sending data to LeadGenius (Zapier → LeadGenius)

    1. Start by creating a Zap with the integration you’re going to be sending data from (HubSpot for instance)
      • You will need to define the app (HubSpot) and event in your target system (HubSpot).
    2. When you chose the LeadGenius Zap you will need to define the following fields:
      • Slug: The campaign you will be sending data to (copied in step 1) 
      • Type: Choose “Standard Data” 
      • Fields: Choose the fields in the third-party system you want to include for each record.
      • Webhook URL: If you want Zapier to notify some other system that the data has been sent this is where you define it. It’s not related specifically to LeadGenius.


Setting up Zapier

  1. Step one for sending records to LeadGenius, select the trigger event ‘Record Finalized’
  2. Entering the slug (API ID for the Campaign)

  3. They specify the field mappings by selecting the available LeadGenius fields and mapping each one to a field in the target system.



Sending data to LeadGenius