Overview: User Administration

Christine Espiritu
Christine Espiritu
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Learn where and how to access different teams within your company. Easily invite a new team member to a  team without having to log in to a different account.


Scope and Limitation

  • A user can be assigned to multiple teams.
  • If a member needs to access multiple teams, Company Admin should add the team member to each team.
  • Admins can easily invite a new user to a team by selecting the right team and going to Settings > User Management > Invite Member.
  • Admin can assign team member access, Team Admin Access, Campaign Access or Extension Access.


  • Please contact your Account Managers if:
    • You have multiple Dashboards for different teams as this would need to be configured.

How to...

Inviting and Removing Users (Available to Admins Only)

How to Access a different Team

How to update a Member's Team or Access

Editing a Member's Details