How to Create a Net New Campaign

Christine Espiritu
Christine Espiritu
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Create your new Campaign

From the Dashboard find and click on 'Create New Campaign'. When you are in the campaign view, you will also see a "Start a campaign" option. This will open up the Dashboard Campaign Builder. If the website detects a previous campaign builder session, it'll offer to continue the previous campaign creation. Otherwise, click on 'Start from scratch'.


Give your campaign a Name


Create a Net New Campaign  

Select 'I need help finding companies to start with'.


Specify the Company Criteria

  • Company Size

  • Revenue Range

  • Industry

  • Company Location (8).gif

Choose whether to Add Contacts

  1. If you choose Yes, click Next and follow the steps below, else go to Additional Data Points

  2. Choose the seniority level for your 1st priority title or keyword.

  3. (Optional) Select a title keyword for your 1st priority contact. You can also type custom keywords here if the given ones don’t fit your needs.

  4. If you would like to add additional title/keyword priorities, click Add Contact Priority to add another row, and repeat steps 2 and 3 for that row.

    • You can also drag & drop the rows to rearrange the priority.

  5. When you are satisfied with your selections, click Next and set a Maximum number of contacts you want for each company. (9).gif

  6. Select if you want phone numbers for each contact.

Additional Data Points

On this page, you can see which data points have been selected for your new campaign.

  1. 1 - Click the "+" button to view all available data points that you can add to your campaign.
    2 - You can use the search bar to search for your desired data point/s.
    3 - Click the drop-down arrow button to use the filter to filter out data point categories to easily find the data point that you are looking for.

    NOTE: Automatic Data points are marked with a lightning icon.

    Choosing only Automatic Data points for your campaign will convert it to an automated campaign where data will be delivered automatically after the campaign is created. However, adding even just 1 non-automatic data point, or what we call a "Precision Insight", will create a non-automated campaign where all data will be delivered through the Precision process.

Add Custom Data Points

If you need to add custom data points that have not been created you will need to exit the campaign builder and go here. If the data point exists select it as you normally would any other data point.

Filtering your Data Points

Next, you will be able to filter your data points. Selecting a filter will restrict your results to the values you specify.

NOTE: Defining filters will require all data to be delivered through the Precision process which means that though you only have selected Automatic Data Points, a non-automated campaign will be created. For Automatic data delivery, filter your data after it is generated.


Review and Checkout Your Campaign

You can review the campaign selections on this page

  1. The fields that were added to the campaign

  2. If there is anything you need to go back and change, click back and make the changes required. 

  3. Once done, click on Confirm Campaign and your campaign will be created.