How to Create Data Campaign Using Plays

Angel Almaida
Angel Almaida
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Campaign Plays are special campaigns that make it easier than ever to get you started. Each play is designed to target a specific use case, reducing the time you spend on creating a campaign from scratch. 

Depending on the type of Play, datapoints and other settings will be automatically selected.

Some plays are even automated to start getting you the data you requested as soon as the campaign is created.


Plays can be created using the same starting points

  • CRM (Salesforce, Outreach, HubSpot)
  • CSV
  • API


Featured plays can be seen under Campaigns


Click on See all Plays to go to the Campaign Plays page to view all the available Plays that you can use.


Name and a short description of the Play can be seen on each Play card and by hovering your mouse over each card, you can choose to Preview or Use the Play.

Clicking on Preview shall give you the Plays description on when to best use the selected Play, and a Launch Play button to use the Play.

You can also click on Use Play on the Play card.

Each step in a Play has unique information available in the “tips & hints” section that assists the user in moving forward creating the Play. 


Here are a list of Plays that have been created for different use cases

  • Get More Contacts for Target Accounts (Automated)
    • Get complete contact buying committees and key decision makers globally.
  • Enrich Inbound Leads (Automated)
    • Dramatically increase your inbound lead match & enrichment rates.
  • Plug Holes in Account Data (Automated)
    • Fill critical missing gaps in accounts you already have in your CRM.
  • Improve Existing Contact Data
    • Fill critical missing gaps in contacts you already have in your CRM.
  • Improve Inbound Lead Match Rates
    • Enhance your inbound lead matching accuracy, ensuring every prospect is seamlessly captured and efficiently nurtured.
  • Track Champions & Decision Makers
    • Actively monitor movement of key contacts at your customer & prospect accounts.
  • Find Repeat Champions at Target Accounts
    • Identify key contacts at your target accounts who have previously used your products & solutions.
  • Score & Segment Accounts
    • Improve your GTM plays by prioritizing accounts based on custom rules & attributes.
  • Uncover Key Insights & Signals
    • Capitalize on emerging trends, and seize the right moments to engage your prospects.
  • Prioritize Accounts for Salespeople
    • Focus on strategic account prioritization for targeted outreach and increased conversion rates.
  • Identify Net-New Greenfield Accounts
    • Identify Net New accounts you don’t currently have in your CRM.
  • Personalize Outbound Messaging
    • Tailor your outbound messaging to make a lasting impact on your prospects.


Automated Plays (Rapid Enrichment)