Marketo Field Mapping on LeadGenius

Ralston Pinto
Ralston Pinto
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This document will explain how to map LeadGenius fields to Marketo lead fields, as well as the overwrite logic that we will use when exporting records.

When exporting new data (net-new campaigns), we will create new records in Marketo. When exporting from CRM Enrichment campaigns we will update your existing records with updated data.

These instructions assume that you have connected your Marketo account to LeadGenius. If you have not done this yet, follow these instructions.


Configuring Your Mappings

After you have connected Marketo to LeadGenius, you will be brought to the Configure Mappings section under Integrations. This is where you will choose which Marketo fields correspond to LeadGenius fields. You will need to confirm these mappings before you are able to export data to Marketo.

mapping screen.png


Anything mapped here will automatically be used as the default mapping for exports. Use the toggle on the left to turn on mapping for a field. The field after the toggle is the LeadGenius field and the center column shows your fields from Marketo. Once you’ve selected a field you can choose when to writeback to that field using the dropdown on the right. The options are “Blank” and “Always”.

You can switch between Standard, Advanced and Custom (if created) fields using the dropdown at the top of the pageselect_field_cat.png

Once satisfied with your mappings, click Confirm Mapping to save.


You may return to this screen at any time in the future to map new fields. The changes will affect all campaigns.

Note: The mappings above are only used to send enriched records back to Marketo. To send records to LeadGenius from Marketo you need to set up a webhook. Contact your Account Manager or get in touch with Support for details.

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