Salesforce Integration FAQ

Christine Espiritu
Christine Espiritu
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The LeadGenius CRM Integration requires one of the following versions, with API access enabled:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • Unlimited Edition

The following versions will require an upgrade and/or additional configuration to enable API support:

  • Contact Manager Edition
  • Group Edition
  • Professional Edition

How do I set up Salesforce Integration?

You can activate the Salesforce integration by visiting the accounts page at and clicking the Connect button.

You will be redirected to the Salesforce login screen. Enter your credentials and click Log In


After logging into Salesforce, you will be redirected to the General tab of the Configure Mappings screen. Here you will have to select whether you would like to export LeadGenius data as leads or as contacts & accounts. Select the write-back rule to either Always, Blank, or Never. Then, configure the mappings of LeadGenius fields to  corresponding Salesforce fields. Finally, you can select records and export them to Salesforce. You don't have to configure anything in Salesforce.

How do I import data from Salesforce to LeadGenius?

LeadGenius automatically imports leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities from Salesforce every 12 hours. 

How do I export data from LeadGenius to Salesforce?

Select the records you'd like to export to Salesforce by clicking on the record's checkbox in the campaign table.

Click the Export Selected button on the upper left corner of the campaign table and select Sync to Salesforce. The records will get exported as new leads or new accounts & contacts for net-new campaigns, or we will update your existing leads or accounts & contacts for enrichment campaigns created from a Salesforce report.

When should I export data from LeadGenius to Salesforce?

You should export data from LeadGenius to Salesforce only if you want to create a new lead, or new accounts & contacts.
If you want to update records in Salesforce, we recommend downloading the records as a CSV and using Salesforce's data import wizard.

Note: You should avoid exporting data using the integration that you have already imported to your CRM manually, as this may create duplicate records in your CRM.

Does the import happen automatically?

Yes, LeadGenius automatically imports leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities from Salesforce every 12 hours.

Does the export happen automatically?

No, but records from LeadGenius get exported to Salesforce automatically only when you enable "Automatic Export" during campaign creation or by editing the campaign and setting it to "Automatic Export".

I received an error when exporting records. What should I do?

View Salesforce Integration Export Errors to find out more.  

Is any data overwritten?

When exporting data to Salesforce, it is important to understand our overwrite logic.

  • For Lead Generation (Where LeadGenius is sourcing new companies and contacts):
    • We will always add new records to your Salesforce for new accounts/contacts or leads that we have sourced for you.
  • For Enrichment (Where LeadGenius is updating your list of accounts that you uploaded from CSV, and adding new contacts):
    • We will add new records to your Salesforce for the accounts we have updated, and the new contacts that we have added. We will also apply the overwrite logic for each field that you defined in the integration.
  • For Enrichment (Where LeadGenius is updating your existing accounts/contacts that you imported from Salesforce):
    • We will update the existing records in your Salesforce, and apply the overwrite logic for each field that you defined in the integration.
    • Also note that while enrichment is in progress for these records in LeadGenius, the data present in your Salesforce will not be synced for them, so as to prevent your existing data from overwriting the updated data we are preparing for you. Sync will resume for these records once we have finalized them and you have exported them to your Salesforce.

See Salesforce Field Mapping on LeadGenius for more information on mapping.

How secure is my CRM data?

We will never share your CRM data, nor will it be reused for any purpose.

You may revoke access to Salesforce at any time by clicking Disconnect. We maintain security practices sufficient for enterprise and Fortune 500 companies.

Where does my data live?

LeadGenius is built using Salesforce's AppCloud. All of your data remains in the Salesforce Cloud.

What data from my CRM will LeadGenius have access to?

LeadGenius will access existing leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities. We’ll monitor the performance of leads that we provide you as they turn into opportunities and closed deals.

What leads can I choose to exclude?

You can ask your customer success manager to exclude any known companies (i.e., we won’t add any contacts for a company that is in your CRM) or exclude any known contacts (we will avoid adding contacts that are already in your CRM and only add new contacts for a company that is in your CRM)

Can I limit the data that LeadGenius can read?

Yes.  If you’d like to do so, you will need to create a new user in Salesforce with appropriate permission levels and use that user to activate your Salesforce integration. If you create a new user, please ensure that the account has access to leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities, and ensure that API enabled is checked on this user’s Salesforce profile.

How much does this cost?

Nothing! It's included in your regular LeadGenius subscription. 

How many API calls are made with the integration?

We make a single API call every time we import data from Salesforce. Multiple API calls are used when exporting data to Salesforce.