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You can now sort and filter each column, save filters for reuse in any of your campaigns, remove specific filter parameters or remove all filters at once. You can also set up the column order by clicking and dragging the column name to the left or right as required.


Filtering by Export Status

Click the filter icon to the right of the Export Status column header

From the Select Export Status dropdown, you can choose

  • All Export Statuses
  • Exported to CRM
  • Exported to CSV
  • Needs Export to CRM
  • Needs Export to CSV
  • Export Error



Filtering and Sorting by Column Data

All columns can now be sorted and filtered individually and in conjunction with filters in other columns

Click the filter icon to the right of the Column Header.


Adding a filter

You can use the text box to free type and filter by data in that field, along with sorting options of None, A-Z, Z-A and Field Conditions (Show all fields, Is empty, Is not empty)




Removing Filters

You can remove each filter parameter individually or clear all at once by:

  • clicking the "x" on each parameter
  • clicking "x" to the left of the Save Filters button to clear all of the filters
  • clicking the filter icon and clear the filter you added.


Saving Filters

Once you have set your filters, click on the save filters button. Give your filter a name and click on save. 



Reuse a Saved Filter 

Click on the saved filter link, choose your saved filter from the drop-down. Double-check the parameters and click on Apply Filter.



Delete a Saved Filter

Click on the saved filter link, choose your saved filter from the drop-down. Click on the Remove button and confirm removal.



Merging or Editing Saved Filters

  • You can edit a saved filter by clicking on 'saved filters', choose your filter from the drop-down, and remove parameters.


  • To add more filter parameters, load your filter and click the columns you want to filter further, and click on save.


  • To Merge your saved filters, load your saved filter and click on the save filter list, choose another saved filter and click on save. You have the option to update the filters or save them as a new filter.




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