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Editable Campaigns is a new feature we recently added that will allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Edit criteria and/or data points for an existing campaign, prior to launch.
  • Launch your new campaign, by approving sample data.
  • Create a new campaign by copying an existing campaign.
  • Stop work on a campaign.
  • Archive a stopped campaign.

If you would like to give Editable Campaigns a try, please contact your AM or CSM.

Campaign Creation

The campaign creation process remains the same as is shown in our Launch Points documentation.

Campaigns Overview


Editing A Campaign

Note: Campaigns that have already been launched, and are in progress, cannot be edited.

After clicking on the Edit option for a given campaign in the list, you will be brought to the campaign wizard. You will be able to make any changes needed from within the wizard, same as you did while creating the campaign initially.

After editing a campaign, the campaign is reset, and any existing data present on the campaign is discarded. We will restart work gathering sample data for your campaign, with your updated specifications.

Reviewing Your Sample data

After we have gathered sample data for your campaign, you will have the opportunity to review and either approve the sample data (launching the campaign), or you can edit the campaign and make further changes.


Again, once a campaign is launched, no further edits are permitted. To make further changes to the campaign, you can make a copy, and (optionally) stop work on the current campaign and archive it.

Copying A Campaign

Clicking on the Copy option for a given campaign in the list will allow you to copy the criteria & data points from an existing campaign to a new campaign, where you will be able to make changes.

This is useful for cases where you need to make changes to a campaign that has already been launched, or you want to create a new campaign for a different market (different contact titles or a different industry, for example) but you want to use the same data points as you used on one of your existing campaigns.

Stopping A Campaign

Clicking on the Stop option for a given campaign in the list allows you to stop work on a particular campaign. This is useful for cases where you have made a copy of an existing, launched campaign to make changes, and would like work to continue on the edited copy of the campaign.

Archiving A Campaign

Clicking on the Archive option for a given campaign in the list allows you to archive a stopped campaign. Archiving the Campaign will move it to the Archived tab on the Campaigns overview, and the campaign list will show that the campaign is archived. You can only archive stopped campaigns.

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