Editable Campaigns

Christine Espiritu
Christine Espiritu
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Editing A Campaign

  • Edit criteria and/or data points for an existing campaign before launch.
  • Launch your new campaign, by approving sample data.
  • Create a new campaign by copying an existing campaign.
  • Stop working on a campaign.
  • Archive a stopped campaign.

If you would like to give Editable Campaigns a try, please contact your AM or CSM.

Note: Campaigns that have already been launched, and are in progress, cannot be edited.

After clicking on the View Criteria you will have the option to edit the campaign, a pop-up window will show all criteria and each category and tab will give you the opportunity to edit. You will be able to go through the campaign builder again as you did when initially created the campaign.

If the campaign status is already in “Needs Approval” after editing the campaign this will go back to “In Review” status.


You can edit a campaign by going to this option and selecting View Criteria.


Another way to access the edit option is to access the campaign itself, click the “Edit Campaign” and select “Campaign Details”.


The creation summary window will pop up and clicking the pencil icon will show you another screen to edit a certain area from the campaign.

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Copying A Campaign

Clicking on the Copy option for a given campaign in the list will allow you to copy the criteria & data points from an existing campaign to a new campaign, where you can make changes when you edit the campaign.

This is useful for cases where you need to make changes to a campaign that has already been launched, or you want to create a new campaign for a different market (different contact titles or a different industry, for example) but you want to use the same data points as you used on one of your existing campaigns.

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Stopping A Campaign

Clicking on the Stop option for a given campaign in the list allows you to stop work on a particular campaign. This is useful for cases where you have made a copy of an existing, launched campaign to make changes, and would like work to continue on the edited copy of the campaign.


Archiving A Campaign

Clicking on the Archive option for a given campaign in the list allows you to archive a stopped campaign. Archiving the Campaign will move it to the Archived tab on the Campaigns overview, and the campaign list will show that the campaign is archived. You can only archive stopped campaigns.